1. General Policy.

  • The bonus policy of Mindful Tech B.V., acting as INPLAYBET is part of our General Terms and Conditions. If anything isn't clearly outlined in this policy, our general rules apply.

  • Bonuses will be credited to the player's account as per existing rules and regulations. They are accessible only after accepting the associated terms and conditions which will inform you of usage conditions, including the timeframe for usage.

  • All awarded bonuses must be used for wagering purposes and cannot be directly withdrawn.

  • In some cases, winnings from awarded bonuses must be used for wagering purposes before being withdrawn.

  • Awarded bonuses appear in your account as a bonus balance which can include the value of bets made with these bonuses and their respective winnings.

  • If the bonus usage period ends without meeting the stipulated conditions, the bonus and any associated winnings will be deducted from your account.

  • Should you request a withdrawal while a bonus is active, the bonus amount will be withdrawn from your account.

  • Should you opt in for the new bonus, the current active bonus can be voided.

  • Ao usar qualquer uma das ofertas de bônus na inplaybet.com, você concorda com nossos Termos e Condições Gerais, Política AML e KYC e Termos e Condições de Bônus.

  • By using any of the bonus offers on inplaybet.com, you agree to our General Terms and Conditions, AML and KYC Policy and Bonus Terms and Conditions.

  • We reserve the right to request our customers to undergo an Account Verification process by submitting relevant documents, such as scanned or photographed copies, via email. This verification procedure is necessary to receive the registration bonus or any other bonuses. Failure to submit these documents within 10 calendar days will result in the forfeiture of the offer and/or bonus.

  • All customer offers are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, payment account number (e.g., debit or credit card, Skrill, etc.), mobile device, tablet, or computer (e.g., public library or workplace). If a customer or a group of customers has irregularly been awarded the First Deposit Bonus or any other bonus, we reserve the right to close all associated accounts, refund the initial deposit amount, and withhold any profits derived from bonus play. We also retain the right to exclude or withhold the bonus offer from any customer.

  • INPLAYBET's offers are intended for customers who place bets recreationally. If any term of an offer or promotion is breached or there is evidence of a series of bets/wagers placed using a deposit bonus or any other bonus, enhanced payments, free bets/wagers, or any other promotional offer that guarantees customer profits regardless of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, INPLAYBET reserves the right to reclaim the bonus component of such offers. It is within INPLAYBET's absolute discretion to settle bets/wagers at the correct odds, void free bets/wagers, or void any bet/wager funded partly or fully by the deposit bonus.

  • Inplaybet reserves the right to modify or withdraw the terms of an offer at any time without prior notice.

  • Inplaybet reserves the right to withhold winnings arising from bonus wagering if the customer has violated the terms and conditions.

  • Inplaybet reserves the right to exclude certain players from certain offers.

  • Players are strongly advised to claim any winnings made from bonus money within the validity period of the bonus. It is acknowledged and agreed that any bonus and associated winnings beyond the expiration of the bonus will be considered void.

  • If the game is paused and restarted after the bonus campaign has ended the winnings will be rendered void.

  • In case of finding a discrepancy between English and other language translations of this Terms, English version takes priority.

2. Irregular Play Conditions.

  • Irregular Play refers to specific types of gaming practices that exploit bonuses and result in unfair player advantage.

  • Such practices include but not limited to:

    1. Betting on games which have any technical problems at the time of bet placement.

    2. Low margin betting.

    3. Two/more ways betting on the same market.

    4. Zero risk bets.

    5. Hedge betting.

    6. Significantly changing gaming pattern (e.g., bet amount, game type, bet structure) with the sole purpose of fulfilling the wagering requirements of a bonus.

    7. Wagering on games using bonus money to accumulate winnings, intentionally losing the bonus, and subsequently cashing out the accumulated winnings with a secondary deposit.

    8. Betting on the fixed matches.

  • Any Bonuses, Free Spins, or any winnings which result from using Irregular Play Conditions will be rendered void.

3. First Deposit Bonus.

  • Offer: Inplaybet matches your initial deposit by 100% First Deposit Bonus. When you deposit R$100, we offer an additional R$100 as a bonus, doubling your account balance to R$200.

  • Example:

    • You want to bet R$20.

    • R$10 will be taken from your Bonus balance and R$10 from your Real money balance.

    • If you win R$40 from this bet, you'll get R$20 that comes from your bonus winnings and R$20 from your real money winnings, since you used an equal amount from both balances to place the bet.

    • If you only have R$5 in your Real money balance, you can't place the R$20 bet. You'll need to deposit at least R$5 more into your account to make this bet.

    • If bonus balance isn't enough to place bet - real balance will be used. As for example, real balance is equal to R$100, bonus balance is equal to R$5. Player tries to place bet on R$20 which means that R$15 will be taken from real balance and R$5 from bonus balance. Winnings are distributed in proportion to the betting amounts from the bonus and real balances.

  • Terms and Restrictions.

    • Wagering Requirement: 5 times the bonus amount.

    • Winning Limit: The maximum amount of winnings from using the Bonus Balance, which can be transferred to your Real Balance after meeting the wagering requirements, is limited to R$500.

    • Time Limit: The wagering requirement must be fulfilled within 60 days of activating the bonus. Failure to do so will result in automatic loss of the bonus.

    • Eligible Sports: Bets can be placed on Football, Basketball, Tennis, Futsal, and Volleyball only.

    • Country of Residence: This offer is exclusively for customers residing in Brazil. If you're Brazilian residing abroad and didn't receive the bonus, contact our Customer Service.

  • Order of Use

    When you place your bet using a bonus:

    • Half of the amount you bet comes from your Bonus balance, and the other half comes from your Real money balance.

    • If you win, the money you receive is split based on how much came from your Bonus and how much came from your Real money.

    • Se você não tiver Dinheiro Real suficiente para cobrir metade da sua aposta, não poderá fazer a aposta. Você precisará depositar mais fundos na sua conta.

    • If you don’t have enough Real money to cover half of your bet, you can't place the bet. You'll need to deposit more funds into your account.

    • If you don’t have enough Bonus money to cover your bet, Real money will be used. In this case the winnings from placing the bet will be distributed in proportion to the amounts taken from Real balance and Bonus Balance.

    • Power Odds markets and contradictory bets do not count towards the wagering requirement.

    • Bet Builder bets cannot be placed by using the Wagering Bonus.

    • Cancelled bets, bets on cancelled games or events resolved as void are not included in the wagering requirement.

    • The bonus is not available for e-sport and Casino games (video slots or table games).

    • Any attempt to abuse the bonus offer, like placing contradictory bets or implementing an Irregular Play Conditions (2), will lead to the cancellation of the bonus and resulting winnings.

    • Any withdrawal request before fulfilling the wagering requirement will automatically cancel the bonus, associated offers and any resulting winnings.

    • This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

    • If you have accepted any other registration, first deposit or first bet offer, you may not be entitled to the First Deposit Sports Betting bonus.

    • Inplaybet reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time.

    • Customers depositing with Paysafe cannot deposit into Skrill or Neteller without first withdrawing at least the deposit amount to a bank account they legally hold.

4. Free Spins.

  • Free Spins must be used within 5 days from the moment they are credited to the customer's account, unless stated otherwise in the offer. If the 5-day period elapses, the Free Spins will expire.

  • Free Spins may have wagering requirements and are limited to the specified video slots mentioned in the offer.

  • If a customer chooses not to take advantage of the Free Spins offer, they can notify us by sending an email to support@inplaybet.com with the subject line "Free Spins."

  • The 24-hour period for Free Spins begins at 00:01 and ends at 23:59 local time, unless specified differently in the offer.

  • The official hours for Free Spins are based on the timings recorded in the INPLAYBET database.

  • INPLAYBET reserves the right to offer Free Spins based on a customer's verification status. Only verified customers may receive Free Spins. We may also require specific actions, such as a deposit or others, to credit Free Spins to a customer's account.

  • If a customer is suspected in using the Irregular Play Conditions or violates any of the aforementioned terms or attempts to exploit Free Spins to guarantee winnings through conflicting bets, using free spins for the games which offered an unfair advantage during the play or any other means, INPLAYBET reserves the right to cancel the Free Spins and deduct any resulting winnings, including both the Free Spin winnings and any subsequent bets placed using those winnings.

  • INPLAYBET reserves the right to withhold winnings arising from bonus wagering if a customer violates the terms and conditions.

  • INPLAYBET reserves the right to deny bonuses to unverified users.

  • In some offers the winnings from using Free Spins must be wagered in full before being allowed to be withdrawn.

  • General Terms & Conditions, Bonus Terms, AML & KYC policy applies to Free Spins.

5. Free Bet.

  • When a customer receives a Free Bet, it does not affect their real money balance in any way.

  • To use the Free Bet, the customer must add selections to the bet slip. Above the standard "Place Bet" button, a "FREE BET" checkbox will appear. To place a bet using the Free Bet, the customer must first check the "FREE BET" box and then click the "Place Bet" button.

  • The Free Bet must be wagered once. If the bet placed with the Free Bet wins, only the winnings will be credited to the customer's account. This amount is available for withdrawal unless stated otherwise in the Free Bet description. The calculation of wagering requirements occurs upon settlement of the bets, not at the time of placement. For example, if you place a R$20 Free Bet at odds of 3.00 and the bet wins, your account will be credited with R$40.

  • If a bet placed using a Free Bet is settled as void for any reason, the Free Bet will not be returned to the customer.

  • The Free Bet code can only be used on a single selection or an accumulator bet at its full value.

  • The customer must use the Free Bet within the specified timeframe mentioned in the offer description, starting from the day it was credited to their account. Failure to do so will result in the expiration of the Free Bet.

  • The Free Bet offer is limited to one per person, family, postal address, email address, IP address, and personal computer.

  • INPLAYBET reserves the right to refuse a Free Bet to any customer and cancel a Free Bet at our discretion. The offer is personal and cannot be redeemed by any other customer.

  • INPLAYBET reserves the right to offer a Free Bet based on a customer's verification status. Only verified customers may receive a Free Bet. We may also request specific actions, such as a deposit, to credit a Free Bet.

  • If a customer violates any of the above terms or attempts to exploit Free Bets to guarantee winnings through arbitrage or any other means, INPLAYBET reserves the right to cancel any Free Bet provided and deduct any winnings generated from it, directly or indirectly. This includes winnings from the Free Bet itself and any subsequent bets placed using those winnings.

  • Bets placed with the Free Bet are not eligible for Cashout. Free Bets cannot be used for placing bet slips containing Bet Builder markets.

  • INPLAYBET Terms and conditions, Bonus Terms and AML and KYC policies apply to Free Bets.

6. Risk Free Bet.

  • A risk-free bet means that if the customer's bet loses, they will receive a refund of their stake up to a certain amount. It provides an opportunity for customers to explore and engage in betting activities with a safety net.

  • Risk-free bets may be available to new customers as part of a welcome offer or to existing customers as a promotional reward. The specific terms and conditions regarding eligibility and participation will be outlined in the offer details.

  • If a customer's qualifying bet loses, the refund will typically be credited to their account within a specified period. The refunded amount is usually provided as bonus funds or free bets, which may have certain restrictions and wagering requirements attached to them.

  • Risk-free bets are often subject to certain limitations. These can include restrictions on the eligible sports or markets, minimum odds requirements, and maximum refund amounts. It is important for customers to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions associated with the risk-free bet offer.

  • Risk-free bets usually have an expiration period during which they must be used. If not utilized within the specified time frame, the risk-free bet or any associated winnings may be forfeited.

  • INPLAYBET's general terms and conditions apply to risk-free bets. This includes provisions related to account verification, responsible gambling, promotional abuse prevention, and any other applicable rules and regulations.

7. Referral Program.

  • The Referral Bonus Program allows all customers to participate multiple times, depending on the availability of each campaign on our website. Once the referral campaign is activated, customers can access it directly on the site or through promotional communications, provided they have consented to receive such material. Upon successful participation, customers will receive a unique shareable link exclusively generated for them. The referral process begins when a customer shares their unique link with friends. If a friend registers through the link and their transaction is approved, the referrer and referee will receive their respective rewards. Referrers can make multiple referrals depending on the campaign, while each referee can also become a referrer after completing successful registration. The rewards offered can include Wagering Bonuses, Free Bets, Risk-Free Bets, a specific amount, or Free Spins, as determined by each campaign's details.

  • The "Refer a Friend" offer is a referral program where customers are rewarded for successfully referring friends to our platform. Customers can receive a Free Bet for each successful friend's referral, up to a maximum of 3 friends.

  • The "Refer a Friend" offer is valid for new registrations from 05/10/23 until 31/12/2024.

  • The reward for each successful referral is R$30 per Free Bet, with a maximum reward of up to R$90 in Free Bets for a total of 3 successful referrals.

  • The offer is exclusively available to registered INPLAYBET customers acting as "referrers" and new members referred to as "referees" who register during the "referral" campaign.

  • The offer is available to customers who have access to the "Refer a Friend" section and have been informed about the offer through a communication channel. Additionally, customers must meet the following criteria:

    1. Make at least one deposit.

    2. Have the account status “Verified”.

    3. A "referee" can be eligible for a referral bonus if they:

      1. Reside in Brazil.

      2. Be over 18 years old.

      3. Do not have an existing account with INPLAYBET.

      4. Complete their registration through the "referrer's" provided link.

      5. Make a first deposit of at least R$30. Checkbox with Referral Bonus should be marked on deposit page when referee make the deposit. (deposits made via Skrill or Neteller are excluded)

      6. Have the account status “Verified”.

  • Once the above steps are completed, both the "referrer" and the "referee" will receive their respective rewards within 48 hours.

  • Under the "Refer a Friend" program, the "referrer" receives a bonus for each successful referral, with a maximum of 3 friends that can be recommended by each INPLAYBET account holder. Any referrals beyond this limit will not be eligible for rewards.

  • Participation in the program implies automatic consent to receive updates about the "Refer a Friend" program.

  • If a "referee" registers through another link, the referral and corresponding reward will not be considered valid for the "referrer."

  • Free Bets won through this offer are valid for 30 days from the date of crediting.

  • By accepting the referral link referrer may not be eligible for other Sign In or Deposit bonuses the Company provides at the time since only one bonus can be active.

  • The INPLAYBET General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Bonus Terms and AML and KYC policies apply to this program.