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Online casinos are perfect representations of physical casinos and are the future in the gambling industry. On them, you’ll find the best casino games of all styles and tastes. Some of the most famous among them are slots, roulette, dice, poker, megaways and table games. Want to know more about them and start playing? Join inplayBet!

Top casino games

Crash games

Crash games are really quite simple. First, you must bet according to the limits of this game, which varies depending on the provider. As the bets close and the game starts, a line will appear and may either rise or drop. You can choose when to stop or exit the game, in order to maintain your gains. Eventually, then, this line will drop, and the crash will happen.


To play, simply rotate the reels, just like in traditional slots, and wait for the same symbols to appear on the screen. The difference from other slot machines, then, is that here the columns are swapped each time they are spined. All this so that each round shows a different probability of winning from the other. The odds online are higher than the traditional ones, but it's still not an easy thing to achieve, so don't give up if you can't win first.


Slots are by far one of the most popular games and are considered a staple of casinos. Players get bonuses that can be exchanged for experience. These bonuses can contain selectable boxes or cards to receive an extra prize or round.

Arcade slots are like old arcade games. In these, players have to get a row of similar symbols.

Arcade slots generally play with nine lines and nine reels, and can pay better than traditional slots, which play with three or five paylines.

Card games

irst of all, these casino games are easy to play. Intuitive, they are present even in the standard of computers and in many cell phones as well. In addition, anyone can play the traditional version, and the online version can be played starting at age 18. They are also full of variations, which makes each game very interesting. These variations range from the number of cards to the number of decks.

Board games

Board games, also called table games, use a surface with drawings or markings on them to assist the player. These are intended to guide the player into reaching the other side of the board and complete certain objectives. Checkers, Chess, Battleship and Monopoly are some of the main examples of board games.


The word "Roulette" means "small wheel" in French, and this game consists of choosing between a series of pockets, marked from 0 to 36. To play, the dealer throws a white ball into the roulette wheel while it is spinning. Later, then, the ball stops at one of the numbers. Before that, however, bettors begin to guess where the ball will land. They can choose between dozens, like 1-12 (First Dozen); 13-24 (Second Dozen); 25-36 (Third Dozen). They can also choose between sequences like 1-18 (Low or Manque); 19-36 (High or Passe), between even or odd numbers, or between colors (black or red pockets). 

To bet you must know the most common types of roulette bets. “Straight-up” bets consist of betting on a single number, and it pays 35:1. You can also choose to “split” your numbers and place your chip between two numbers, and it pays 17:1. "Street" bets allow you to bet on 3 numbers using one chip, and it pays 11:1. To place a “street bet”, you must place your chip at the side of any row containing three numbers. A “corner bet” is made by placing a chip at the intersection of four numbers and pays 8 to 1. “The six-line” bet is made with six numbers, and it pays 5:1, and its chip is placed at the intersection between 2 “streets” or rows. There are also “Top-line bets”, or “first-four” bets in European-style tables, which allow you to bet on 0-1-2-3 simultaneously, and it pays 8:1. In American-style roulette, it pays 6:1 because it includes the double-zero (0-00-1-2-3) There is also the plug that is on the edge of two parallel streets. Finally, in American roulette, there is the bet of five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) and pays 6 to 1, betting on the column "00", which pays 17 to 1.

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