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Table games, also known as board games, are a form of entertainment that uses pieces over a surface with drawings or markings. These are intended to guide the player to the other side of the "table", where their choices can lead to either a victory or a loss. Learn how to play on inplayBet!


Game boards are quite old and there are records of their existence dating over 5000 years ago. It is not possible to determine which game was invented first, but “Mancala” is certainly one of the oldest over 7,000 years old. Originating in Egypt and Mesopotamia, table games were very popular in Greece and Rome because they signify games where warriors faced each other. Today, some of the most popular board games are chess, checkers, Battleship, Monopoly, etc.

Within the board games universe, we find many variations. Abstract strategy games like checkers, for example, are some of the most famous. There are also alignment games such a Tic-Tac-Toe. Guessing games like Battleship are also quite successful. In addition, chess variants, connection games, cooperative, capture games, cross and circle, among others, are varieties of table games.

In the world

Still in the period of indigenous predominance in South America, native Americans created a game called “Jogo da Onça” (or leopard game) in Brazil, which is nothing more than a strategy game. Found among the Bororos tribe, in the region of Mato Grosso, the board is scratched on the ground and a stone represents the jaguar, while 14 of them represent the dogs. If you’re playing as a dog, the idea is to encircle the jaguar, or else the jaguar eats the dogs (the leopard’s goal: eating five dogs).



Starting with the classics, in checkers the player needs to capture opponent's pieces to win. For this, they must move back and forth, never to the side. However, pieces can be captured diagonally, as long as the path is clear. The game is played on a checkerboard with dark and light squares.


Chess has the same general idea as checkers game, but the goal here is to steal the opponent's "King." To play, a checkerboard with eight columns and rows, or 64 squares, where pieces can move. Unlike checkers, in chess there are eight pawns, two towers, two horses, two bishops, a queen and a king.


Battleship is one of the most popular board games in the world. Launched in 1931, it plays with two players, who have to find out where the opposing ships are. The goal, then, is to take down all opposing ships.


Monopoly is a classic game played with two or more participants. Throughout history, as technology advanced, this game has undergone several changes that allowed a more real user experience. As a banking game, the idea is to get the greatest fortune and bankrupt the other players.

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