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If you’ve started playing Casino on inplayBet, you may have seen other games and ended up here. Roulette at inplayBet may seem easy to play but looks can be deceiving! Let's first learn a bit more about this game.

What is Roulette and when did it first appear?

Roulette is a game that allows you to play by choosing specific pockets in a spinning wheel. Each pocket has a number and a color (either red or black) indicated within the wheel. A ball is dropped over the spinning wheel, and it then falls into one of the pockets. The player must bet on which pocket (or which group of pockets) it will land on to win the bet. It’s a game originated in 18th-century France.

There are those who say that roulette was originally created in Medieval China or ancient Rome, though these claims are not proven. The first record of a roulette game in history is present in the book La roulette, ou histoire d'un joueur, by Jaques Lablee, from 1796. In the 19th century, the French created a model with the numbers 0 and 1 only. In fact, the word "Roulette" means "small wheel" in French.

What types of Roulette are there on inplayBet?

We offer European and American-style Roulette. The European-style wheel has 37 pockets ranging from 0 to 36. Meanwhile, the American-style wheel has 38 pockets because a double zero (00) has been added. The double zero exists to bring a little more advantage to those who are betting.

How to play roulette on inplayBet:

To play, the croupier (or dealer) throws a white ball into the roulette wheel while it is spinning. Subsequently, the ball lands on one of the numbers.

Prior to the game, the player must place a bet on the betting table. The betting table is divided into many different options: the player can choose single (or “straight-up”) numbers on the table, which offers them higher rewards, or choose between groups of numbers, which offer lower rewards, but higher chances of winning. They can choose between dozens, like 1-12 (First Dozen); 13-24 (Second Dozen); 25-36 (Third Dozen). They can also choose between sequences like 1-18 (Low or Manque); 19-36 (High or Passe), between even or odd numbers, or between colors (black or red pockets).

It's important know the most common types of bets in roulette. “Straight-up” bets consist of betting on a single number, and it pays 35:1. You can also choose to “split” your numbers and place your chip between two numbers, and it pays 17:1. "Street" bets allow you to bet on 3 numbers using one chip, and it pays 11:1. To place a “street bet”, you must place your chip at the side of any row containing three numbers. A “corner bet” is made by placing a chip at the intersection of four numbers and pays 8 to 1. “The six-line” bet is made with six numbers, and it pays 5:1, and its chip is placed at the intersection between 2 “streets” or rows. There are also “Top-line bets”, or “first-four” bets in European-style tables, which allow you to bet on 0-1-2-3 simultaneously, and it pays 8:1. In American-style roulette, it pays 6:1 because it includes the double-zero (0-00-1-2-3)

Inside bets

These bets are placed on the inner area of the betting table, on the numerical chart. This is where players can bet on single numbers ranging from 1 to 36, or on combinations of these numbers, such as split (two numbers, such as 1-2, 7-8), street (or rows, like 1-2-3, 10-11-12) corner (intersection of 4 numbers) and six-line bets (or 2 rows/streets). Bets made on fewer numbers have lower odds but higher rewards, while betting on multiple numbers offers greater odds but smaller rewards.

Outside bets

These are bets placed on special fields outside the numerical chart, and they allow you to bet on options like even or odd numbers (which pay 1:1), red or black pockets (which also pay 1:1), any of the 3 columns/dozens (pays 2:1) or on either half of the numbers (pays 1:1). These types of bets raise your chances of winning, at the cost of a lower payout.

House edge

It’s worth noting that in Roulette, as well as all other casino games, an advantage is given to the house, which is calculated based on the the difference between the actual and estimated odds. In European-style roulette, house edge is 2.7%. In American-style roulette, is sits at 5.26%.

Is playing roulette on inplayBet free?

Yes! There are two options to play roulette at inplayBet: free or paid. Free roulette is there for you to test your knowledge and skills, and the latter is for you to start making money.

Where can I play roulette?

At inplayBet it is possible to play all types of casino games, including "Blackjack", "Baccarat" and "Slots". To do so, simply access our website, complete your registration and click on the "live casino" tab.

If I chose to pay, what are the available methods?

As with other sports bets, it is possible to pay with boleto, PIX, Astropay or Pay for Fun. To pay via boleto, you must generate a barcode and pay in banks, lottery outlets or apps. For the PIX, it is necessary to generate a payment code and pay via the app. Finally, both Astropay and Pay for Fun are digital wallets.

Now that you know the rules, origin and winning strategies for Roulette, go ahead and start playing on inplayBet.

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