CasinoSlot ReviewLearn how to play the Hand of Anubis slot

Learn how to play the Hand of Anubis slot

Hand of Anubis is a game in the style of slot/slot machine. Created by Hackshaw Gaming, this game is set in Egyptian mythology, specifically the god Anubis, protector of the gates to the underworld. Added to the musical setting and the characters, the provider has created a very dark game. Stay with us and learn how to play Hand of Anubis.

Main features of the Hand of Anubis slot

As previously mentioned, the setting is entirely focused on Egyptian mythology. About the god Anubis, mythology says that among his roles at the entrance to the underworld was the weighing of hearts. According to legend, if your heart was heavier than the feather, you wouldn't gain the afterlife. However, if your heart was lighter than the feather, it would indicate that you had lived an honest life.

There are also two jackals in the setting. On one side is a blue-eyed black jackal and on the other a red-eyed one. Together, they transform the experience into something darker, as they are always watching the user's steps.

The game has five reels and six paylines, with a minimum bet of 0.10 dollars and a maximum bet of 100 dollars. The game also has an RTP (return to player) of 96.24%, which can be considered high in addition to the high volatility (5 out of 5).

How to play Hand of Anubis?

First, create your account at a reputable casino. Then place your bet and click on the roulette icon and the reels will start spinning. Then you will see the lines spinning like a slot machine in a real casino, showing what you have won from the spins.

How do the payouts in this slot work?

To be able to make agglomerations, or clustersIn this game, the user must land five or more of the 10-A symbols, which represent the lowest paying symbols, and the golden jewels, which represent the highest paying symbols. Low symbols are worth 0.1x the bet and high symbols up to 15x the bet.

What are the Hand of Anubis bonuses?

This slot/offers a few types of bonuses, including Soul Orbs, Underworld, Judgment e Bonus Buy. O soul orbs concerns the soul spheres, which reward the player for each blue or red sphere found.

O underworldis triggered when you land three bonus symbols, giving you three free spins. These symbols then cause the screen to display images of the underworld, changing the atmosphere. O judgment is the user's judgment part, when they need four bonus symbols to activate the free spins.

how to play Hand of Anubis
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Finally, the bonus buyor bonus purchase, is different from the others. This is because you can buy free spins for 129x your chosen bet. As with other games, it's not advisable to buy bonuses, as you'll lose a lot of money.

Is Hand of Anubis worth it, is it reliable?

Of course. This kind of game slot has end-to-end encryption, both because of the provider Hackshaw Gaming and because of the casinos. In addition, the Hackshaw seal alone guarantees positive gameplay. Finally, the results are based on RNG (Random Number Generator) software, which guarantees randomness.

Tips for winning with the Hand of Anubis slot game

A game of chance, Hand of Anubis doesn't have many strategies to apply to it. However, outside of it, you can manage your bankroll, i.e. look after your money. So apply strategies such as Martingale, Fibonacci or d'AlembertThese are options for those who want to bet little by little and still make a lot of money.

Can I play Hand of Anubis on my cell phone?

Absolutely! Both Hackshaw Gaming's platform and that of today's casino platforms are equipped with HTML5, as well as responsive styling, which ensures that the games can be played on any device. So choose your android or iOS smartphone, iPad or tablet, laptop or computer and start playing.


  • Game name: Hand of Anubis
  • Nickname: None
  • Game Type: Slot
  • Theme: Egyptian mythology
  • Provider: Hackshaw Gaming
  • Minimum bet: $0.10
  • Max Bet: $100
  • Maximum win: up to 10,000x the amount wagered
  • RTP: 96.24%
  • Has bonus: Yes

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