CasinoSlot ReviewLearn how to play the Stack'Em slot by Hackshaw Gaming

Learn how to play Hackshaw Gaming's Stack'Em slot

In this slotHackshaw Gaming has chosen to bring back the character Canny the Can, a very famous cartoon from the provider. With him, it has also brought simple but very cozy graphic elements, even with a forest as the backdrop. background. Stay with us and find out how to play Stack'Em!

Main features of the Stack'Em slot

As said before, this slot features simple but very inviting elements. Hackshaw Gaming has a certain "reputation" for keeping its games simple in design, which attracts the attention of users who don't like so many lights and colorful graphics. Despite its simplicity, it has an RTP (return to player) high of 96.02% and a high volatility, which can help the user win big prizes.

How to play Stack'Em?

First of all, make an account with a reliable casino. Then verify your details and proceed to the part where you deposit money. Then make a deposit and search for "Stack'Em" in the search bar. Finally, start betting and keep an eye on the plays and winnings.

How do the payouts in this slot work?

The paytable is made up of a differentiated group of symbols. We have A, G, E, R, T, a leaf, a dead bird, a skull, a snake and a thumbs up. As for the values, a cluster is made up of more than 25 matching symbols and is worth between 25x and 200x the initial bet. Finally, there's a wild block that covers all the rows and grids, substituting for all symbols except the free spins symbol.

What are the bonuses in this game?

Firstly, this game features joint victories, or rather, from the cluster. The idea is to find as many symbols as possible, as these will pay out a maximum of 6x the value of the reel in question. Multipliers can also increase the bet by up to 30x. Free spins are available from three symbols onwards scatter. Finally, we have the X symbol that multiplies the value gained by the clusters by the value of the current multiplier. In addition, the question mark (?) adds from two to five lives, adds from one to 50x to the multiplier or multiplies the multiplier by 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Is Stack'Em worth it, is it reliable?

Absolutely. Hackshaw Gaming is a leading provider of slots, which is increasingly building up a good reputation in gaming online. To this end, this provider has end-to-end encryption in its games. Regarding its gameplay, it's worth it if you want to play a slot simple, but with such unpredictability. In other words, there's no way of knowing whether you'll do well with the five free spins (which are few, it's true), because they're real rollercoasters. There are also no strategies for playing this game, as it's all down to luck.

Can I play Stack'Em on my cell phone?

Absolutely! In addition to being encrypted, Hackshaw Gaming's games are optimized so that the user can play from wherever they want. If the user likes the computer, then they can play Stack'Em. But if they like mobile devices, then they can choose to play on their cell phone, iPad or tablet.

Pros and cons of playing StackEm

In its favor are the simple features, bonus rounds and special multipliers. However, those who like games with lots of colors will be annoyed by the simplicity. However, it's worth remembering that Stack'Em is a big step up from its predecessor, Stick'Em. They both follow the same dynamic, but clearly the new game offers many more ways to pay.


  • Game name: Stack'Em
  • Nickname: None
  • Game Type: Slot
  • Theme: cartoon
  • Provider: Hackshaw Gaming
  • Minimum stake: 0.20 cents
  • Maximum bet: 100 euros
  • Maximum win: up to 10,000x the amount wagered
  • RTP: 96.02%
  • Has bonus: Yes

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