CasinoResponsible Gaming: A priority for InplayBet 

Responsible Gaming: A priority for InplayBet 

At InplayBetWe believe that gambling is a form of entertainment and fun that should be practiced in a conscious and balanced way. That's why we make a point of promoting responsible gambling and warning about the risks of betting amounts that could harm our customers financially or cause psychological and social problems. 

We know that most of our players bet in a moderate and controlled way, but we recognize that some can develop problems. That's why it's also our responsibility to remind you of some ways to bet consciously:  

Set limits: It is important for players to set a maximum spending budget for daily, weekly or monthly bets, depending on their financial situation. We do not recommend that players exceed the limit of what they can spend. 

Beware of other influences: The influence of alcohol, drugs or negative emotions can have a negative influence on our bettors.  

View the game as leisure:  Gambling cannot be considered a source of income. We don't encourage betting to recover losses or to solve financial problems. We know that gambling can generate profit, and that's great, but money should be a secondary "advantage" when choosing a bet. 

Avoid compulsion: We recommend that our players take regular breaks from the game and maintain other leisure and social activities. 

Seek professional help: There are cases in which players develop psychological problems, so if there is anguish, guilt or anxiety, we advise you to look for organizations and specialized services that offer guidance, counseling and treatment for players and their families.  
Know when to stop: At InplayBet there is an option for customers to request the permanent suspension of their account if they feel they have lost control of the game. But we hope you don't have to do that. 

On our side, we follow the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Finance and the Brazilian National Advertising Self-Regulation Council (Conar), which aim to guarantee consumer protection and ethics in gambling advertising. 

We respect the recent Normative Ordinance No. 1330, which prohibits advertisements associating sports betting with wealth, as we understand this to be a misleading and irresponsible way of promoting gambling. We do not encourage our customers to bet as a way of getting rich, but rather as a form of leisure and excitement. 

At InplayBet, we respect the appropriate times and messages for our ads, avoiding exposing children and teenagers to gambling. We include warning phrases about the risks of excessive gambling and the benefits of responsible gambling in all our campaigns.   

In addition, we have a limit control that contributes to responsible gaming:  

- Deposit Limit: Customize daily, weekly and/or monthly limits.  

- Loss Limit: Configuration based on the player's spending behavior.  

- Betting Limit: Determines the amount of bets per period.  

- Maximum Bet Limit: Sets the maximum amount per spin in slot machines.  

All limits are configured and can be adjusted. 

We believe that responsible gambling is a matter of choice and respect. We want our customers to have fun and excitement with sports betting, but always in a safe and conscious way. We are here for our customers to gamble responsibly and count on InplayBet! 

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