SportsBetting TipsFind out if it's worth diversifying your portfolio across multiple sports in...

Find out if it's worth diversifying your portfolio across multiple sports in sports betting 

As with investments, the world of live sports betting can benefit players with a well-known strategy in the financial market: portfolio diversification. 

If you're looking to increase your sports betting profits and want to find out how to make money from sports betting, you should know that investing in multiple sports could be the most suitable strategy for achieving your goals and minimizing your risks. 

In this article, we'll unveil the benefits behind portfolio diversification and give you tips on which sports you can invest in when betting at sportsbooks. Read on and find out! 

Why is it advantageous to diversify your live sports betting portfolio? 

Diversification is a concept widely adopted in various areas of the financial market, particularly in investment management.  

The central idea behind diversification is to minimize risks by spreading capital between different assets or categories.  

In the context of sports betting, this same logic can be applied to optimize returns and minimize potential losses. Here are the reasons why it is advantageous to diversify the sportsbook live. 

Risk Mitigation 

As with traditional investments, by spreading the money over several bets, the risk associated with a single unfavorable event is diluted. Even if one live sports bet is unsuccessful, others can compensate for the loss. 

Seizing Opportunities 

Different sports and events have different dynamics and influencing factors. By diversifying your sports betting, you can take advantage of various value opportunities that arise in different games or sports at the same time. 

Improved Analysis 

If you want to know how to make money in sports betting, it's important to keep in mind that betting on different sports or markets can help you hone your analytical skills. By exposing yourself to different scenarios, you become more adaptable and learn to identify patterns and trends in different contexts. 

Bias Reduction 

By diversifying your portfolio at a sportsbook, you are less likely to put a disproportionately large part of your money on a single bet due to personal or emotional bias. This can help you remain objective and make more informed decisions. 

Variety of markets 

Live sports betting offers a wide range of markets, from the winner of the match to more specific bets, such as the next player to score a goal.  

Diversifying allows you to explore these different markets and identify those that offer the best value, going beyond live soccer betting and the all-too-common Brasileirão betting. 

Adapting to Fluctuations 

Live sports betting odds are notoriously volatile, changing rapidly as the game develops.  

By diversifying your portfolio and no longer focusing solely on how to win at soccer betting, you have a better chance of adapting to these fluctuations and taking advantage of the most favorable odds at different times. 

Return Stability 

While the potential for big wins on individual bets can be tempting, a diversified portfolio tends to produce more stable returns on Brazil sports bets over time. This is especially valuable for those looking for a more conservative or long-term approach to sports betting. 

7 tips on how to diversify your sportsbook portfolio 

Now that we know the advantages of portfolio diversification in live sports betting, it's time to learn how to do it in practice with special tips that InplayBet, the best sports betting site, has prepared for its bettors.  

Write them all down! 

1. Bet on different sports 

The first tip couldn't be any different! 

It's important not to limit your betting to just one sport. Even if you're a soccer expert, for example, consider learning about basketball, tennis, MMA, among others. Each sport has its own peculiarities and opportunities. 

2. Explore different markets 

Within each sport, there are several markets, such as final score, number of goals, handicaps, among others. Vary your bets between these markets to take advantage of the best odds and opportunities. 

3. Use different types of bets 

There are various types of bets, such as single, combination, live, etc. Try out different formats to understand which best suits your profile and strategy. 

4. Consider virtual sports 

Virtual sports, also known as e-sports or live online sports, have grown in popularity and represent a new frontier in the world of betting. 

Games like "League of Legends", "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive", "Dota 2" and many others attract millions of viewers and bettors around the world. 

Due to their different nature from traditional sports, virtual sports are excellent for diversifying your portfolio and opening up possibilities in a market with extremely high profit potential.  

5. Consider long-term bets 

In addition to betting on specific events, also consider future bets, such as who will win a championship or tournament. These often offer attractive odds and are an excellent way to diversify. 

6. Monitor your portfolio 

Regularly review your bets and evaluate your performance. This will allow you to identify which strategies are working and where you need to make adjustments. 

7. Learn from your mistakes 

When diversifying your portfolio in live sports betting, it's natural to make mistakes. But instead of getting frustrated, use them as learning opportunities, assessing what went wrong and adjusting your strategy for the future. 

What are the best sports for portfolio diversification? 

Finally, let's take a look at the main sports options that will help you increase your profits through portfolio diversification. 

Table Tennis 

A sport that often goes unnoticed, table tennis offers a fast pace for live sports betting with many matches and tournaments taking place simultaneously. 

The amount of statistical data and the fact that it is an individual sport mean that the variables are more controllable than in team sports. 

Why it's worth investingThis means that there is less volatility from surprises and a wide range of matches, which allows you to recover quickly from any losses and constantly adapt your strategies. 

American Football 

American soccer, especially the NFL, is widely followed and has a vast amount of statistical information available. The games are well structured, with specific scenarios that allow live sports betting on details such as yards gained, touchdowns and more. 

Why it's worth investing: Plenty of data, predictability of some match situations and great media coverage that facilitates access to information. 

Ice Hockey 

Common especially in North America and parts of Europe, ice hockey has dynamic matches and a robust professional league, the NHL. Betting sports in this discipline can focus on results, number of goals or individual performances. 

Why it's worth investingShort-term betting opportunities, high frequency of matches during the season and less market saturation compared to more popular sports globally. 


With strong leagues around the world and the NBA dominating the global scene, basketball is unpredictable and dynamic. Live sports betting can range from point totals to individual performances. 

Why it's worth investingLarge number of matches, diversity of betting markets and high liquidity, especially in NBA matches. 


 Popular mainly in the USA, Japan and some parts of Latin America, baseball has a unique cadence and offers opportunities for live sports betting in the long and short term. 

Why it's worth investingVariety of betting scenarios, from season previews to bets on specific innings, and a large volume of regular season matches. 


As we've seen throughout the article, diversification in live sports betting can be a prudent strategy for optimizing returns and minimizing risks, allowing you to explore a wide variety of opportunities and providing a safety net against the volatility inherent in live betting.  

Now that you know the basics of diversification strategies and have seen which sports you can bet on, how about betting on the best sports betting site? Get to know InplayBet and have the best experience betting on multiple sports! 

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